World leaders have agreed to seriously cut the global consumption of sodium, which is a pressing issue for the entire food industry.
SALTWELL is a unique sea salt with naturally less sodium – that tastes, looks and performs just like regular salt.

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Salt with naturally 35% less sodium

The sodium in salt comes with health risks. Therefore the WHO member states have agreed to reduce the global population’s intake of salt by a relative 30 % by 2025.

From an ancient sea below the desert

SALTWELL is extracted from an underground sea below the Atacama desert in South America. When the mineral-rich water evaporates, unique salt grains of the highest quality are formed.

Almost 80 % of the salt we consume comes from processed foods

With the taste and performance of regular salt

An equal ratio will give you the same taste and results as regular salt in all types of food; from meat dishes to baking products, snacks, marinades and spice blends.