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Make SALTWELL your own

We believe in freedom of choice! Pick the salt you need and decide how you want it packaged. Brand it with your own private label, or stick with ours. As long as you are happy – we are too. Just press the button below and we’ll send you a free sample! 

Pick the salt you need

When it comes to salt, food products have different needs. That’s why SALTWELL comes in different variations.

Salt piles


SALTWELL private label packaging

Brand it as you like

Maybe you want it in a private label packaging, ready for the store shelf. Or prefer to stick with the SALTWELL brand. The choice is totally up to you!


We just want to help you make SALTWELL your best decision ever.

Let us help you be the champion

Let us help you be the champion of
the low sodium salt category!

Choose the perfect packaging

Whether you want it in buckets optimized for large scale kitchens, in self-designed shakers for restaurant tables or in private label packages – the answer is yes!


We supply SALTWELL in a wide range of packs to meet all of our customers needs.

SALTWELL packaging solutions