SALTWELL is a Sea Salt with naturally reduced sodium.

• Grain size as regular salt
• Exchange 1 to 1 to regular salt
• SALTWELL has NaCl and KCl in every single grain NaCl: 65%

KCl: 30%
Moisture: 0,5 - 1%
Anti-caking agent as silicon dioxide (SiO2): 0,5%
lodine added upon request

100% Organic use

We also offer SALTWELL for 100% Organic products using 100% organic certified rice hull concentrate as anti caking agent

SALTWELL is distributed in 25 kg/50 lb bags or in BigBags 1000 kg/2000 lbs

Clean Label
Redeclaration for the
 US-market - SEA SALT

Certified for Passover and year-round use