Lower the salt content, but keep the flavor and performance

Saltwell is easy to use and works well in all types of food. It can be used with excellent results in e.g. sausages, meat and chicken dishes, baking or as regular table salt. Saltwell also works well in soups, sauces and spice blends. Switching to Saltwell is easy – an equal ratio (1:1) will produce the same taste and results as ordinary salt. Always of a consistently high quality.

Salt is essential to give our food excellent flavor and color, a longer shelf life and good fermentation properties. We are proud to offer a salt with all the right characteristics as well as an incredible 35% reduction in sodium.

Meat products
In meat products, salt is crucial for its water-holding capacity, texture, shelf life and taste. The results of a sensory analysis performed by a trained panel show no significant difference in sensory properties between hamburgers made with Saltwell and regular salt. Another taste panel found that using Saltwell in meat loaf resulted in 4% less yield than regular salt during cooking, while having the same appearance and texture. In cooked ham prepared with Saltwell®, the same odor, appearance and overall acceptability was detected throughout its shelf life, compared with regular salt.   

IRTA Report, IPSOS Salt functionality test

Bakery products
In baked goods, salt is important for gluten formation, texture and the fermentation process – not to mention the taste profile. Two small Swedish bakeries replaced regular salt with Saltwell, 1:1, with no alterations in procedure or recipe. For both sour dough and white bread – the same taste, fermentation and gluten formation was detected.

Salt is an important ingredient and taste carrier in oatmeal/porridge. When replacing salt with Saltwell 1:1, enabling a 35% sodium reduction, a professional test panel found Saltwell gave oatmeal the same appearance, taste profile and texture as the regular reference salt (vacuum salt).

IPSOS Salt functionality test

Saltwell® applications
Saltwell is already being used or is currently being evaluated for the following applications:

• Bacon

• Bread

• Chicken

• Crackers and other snacks

• Lunch meat

• Potato products

• Soups, sauces and gravy mixes

• Spice blends

• Brine systems

• Ground meat

• Whole meat

• Ketchup

• Nutrition bars

• Ready-to-eat meals

• Cheese

• Cereals

Clean Label
Redeclaration for the
 US-market - SEA SALT

Certified for Passover and year-round use.