Unique sea salt with naturally low sodium content

The unique Saltwell sea salt grain is naturally low in sodium chloride - only 65% – thereby drastically reducing the sodium content of any foods in which it is used. The grain also contains 30% potassium chloride, a mineral considered an essential health nutrient by doctors and health authorities around the world. The fact that both sodium and potassium are naturally present in the grain makes Saltwell unique and explains why its taste and appearance is much the same as regular sea salt, without any bitterness in its flavor.

saltwell - seasaltThe water is evaporated in open ponds under the sun.


low sodiumIn manufactured salt blends, the sodium does not combine with the potassium resulting in a bitter metallic taste.
combines the sodium with the potassiumIn Saltwell, a natural chemical reaction combines the sodium with the potassium to produce a natural saltiness without a bitter edge.


Lower sodium content for improved health 
For many decades the WHO, together with local and regional health authorities, have been closely monitoring salt consumption among the general public. A high salt intake has an adverse effect on health leading to hypertension and blood pressure-related cardiovascular diseases. The goal is to reduce overall salt consumption by half. As almost 80% of the salt we consume comes from processed foods, this is a pressing issue for the entire food industry.

Benefits of potassium
Together with sodium, potassium regulates the fluid and acid-base balance in the body. The more sodium we ingest, the more potassium is needed to maintain a balance. According to new guidelines issued by the WHO, adults should consume less than 2000 milligrams of sodium, or 5 grams of salt, and at least 3510 milligrams of potassium per day. A person with either elevated sodium levels or low potassium levels could be at risk of raised blood pressure which increases the risk of heart disease and stroke.